Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ray Bradbury Saturday! The Pedestrian

This is a great story, originally in "S Is For Space". The Pedestrian is a story about non-conformity in a police state where everyone is under surveillance and forced to stay inside their houses and watch mindless television (Ghost Machines), on man dares to go outside for a walk.

I can identify with Ray Bradbury's reason for writing this. I too was stopped one time by police, just for walking at night, no other reason. They left me alone after I proved that I wasn't up to anything but it angered me to be harassed like that. I guess that's all police have to do in a small town, harass the citizenry and forget about the real problems going on in town.

Now this episode seems a bit long for the story, it's only about seven pages long. They do take some liberties with the story to flesh it out for an episode. The main character is alone in the short story, but the original concept still remains.