Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Why I Dont Care" an editorial by Chad Thorson

The views of this post are not necessarily the view of this blog, in other words the views are entirely my own.

The latest battles in the whole OSR movement about "When is too much too much" have left me complacent. Some say the more the merrier and some say we are diluting what's already out there by filling the net and game stores with house rules variants and what not.

I just have to say that, I don't care. If somebody wants to create their version of OD&D, let them run it up a flag pole and see if people salute. If you like the rules you already play, keep playing. It's a simple solution.

I have preferences that I like S&W, Labyrinth Lord, Rules Cyclopedia, B/X, Holmes, Red Box, yadda yadda... It doesn't matter what you prefer because in the end we are all still playing the same game.

Right now, I'm more interested in Tunnels & Trolls but I'm sure I'll be playing something else later on. That's the beauty of variety!

Be excellent to each other, and play on dudes!