Monday, November 1, 2010

A Low Key Gathering of the American Gods

I spent a most memorable weekend this Halloween at the House on the Rock, celebrating Neil Gaiman and his book "American Gods". This was hands down the best Halloween ever! I met some wonderful people and had a surreal time partying in the HOTR with one of my favorite authors and hundreds of fans dressed as their favorite characters from the book.

We checked in on Friday and and got all of our passes and things, we also received copies of the Newbury award winning book "The Graveyard Book"! Then we met up with some old friends and then went the events tent where Neil made his entrance. On stage he read chapter five from American Gods and then took some pre-submitted questions, moderated by Steve Pauson of Wisconsin Public Radio's "To The Best Of Our Knowledge". Later that night Neil revealed that he approved American Gods to be made into a T.V. series but wasn't more elaborate. He said it was a director that he respects and likes his work, but he wasn't one hundred percent sure that it will pan out, so we'll wait and see.

After that Neil Gaiman did a book signing so I got out my hardback copy of American Gods.

(Thanks to Jennifer Sutherland for taking these pictures)

Saturday there were some panels on various subjects and a scavenger hunt but we missed out on those. A weekend without kids means sleeping in, so we opted out for sleep. We did tour the House on the Rock for a couple of hours.

Later that afternoon was the costume contest. There were so many great, imaginative costumes I'll bet it was hard to choose!

And then the House on the Rock was open at night! There was a drawing to see who got the chance to ride the carousel, evidently nobody has ever rode on it before. Unfortunately I didn't win but it was still a great time! We had Christmas dinner in the House on the Rock surrounded by people dressed as characters for the book, a great band was playing in one of the rooms and Neil Gaiman was walking around mingling with everyone. I can't tell you how magical and surreal the whole event was. Unfortunately I had to return to Earth but I'm left with lot's of great memories that will be with me forever.


Brian Murphy said...

Wow, that looked like a great experience. I can't imagine you'll have too many more Halloweens as cool as that!

American Gods is pretty amazing, isn't it? I had no idea they were making a T.V. series out of it. It could be great if they cast it right.

Atom Kid said...

It was pretty much the best event I've been too, right up there with seeing The Pixies live.

American Gods is a great read! I might be prejudiced by the Norse tone of it but it's one of my favorites. I hope the TV series pans out, I think his announcement at the Gathering was the first mention of it. It's probably going to have to be on HBO or Showtime, at least that would be my guess.

The Happy Whisk said...

Fantastic fun, it looked like you had. Exciting stuff. Glad you got the book signed too.