Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Conan Poll

I'm working on some house rules for Song Of Blades and Heroes set in Conan's Hyborian world and wanted to see what people thought of the title ideas. Song of The Hyborian Age, Song of The Road of Kings, Song of The Nemedian Chronicles and Song of the Riddle of Steel. I can't make up my mind on which I like most!

Also, should I include other sources besides R.E.H.'s stories like other novels, comics etc. or just keep it Howardian. I more than likely going to keep it Howardian mainly because of all the dilution of the story in various media. But I'd like to hear your thoughts.


Gyro said...

Gotta go with the Hyborian Age, it's the best title of the four. Road of Kings is a tad ambiguous, and Nemedian Chronicles a bit too specific. Riddle of Steel is good too, but too many "of's" keeps it from rolling off the tongue.

I'd cast the net fairly wide in regards to source material, at least include the Sprague novels as well. I lot of folks are down on them, but taken as a whole, his and Howard's novels together paint a pretty complete picture.

I'm really excited to see what you cook up, I am a big fan of the mythos, and SBH is freakin' amazing.

Atom Kid said...

I thought the Song of Fur Bikinis didn't quite have that ring to it.

Phil said...

I agree with Gyro--Song of the Hyborian Age sounds best.

However, I'd keep it classic with only Howard's source material. It's the best, and I think people could serve with being pointed back to it.

Good luck with the book!

Atom Kid said...

Just so everyone knows, this is completely unofficial. It will be a free PDF download or something. I don't have permission for the Conan license or for SB&H.

cooey2ph said...

Another vote for Song of the Hyborian Age!

Personally, I'd go with established Conan canon-- pastiches, comicbooks, novels included. You could be selective and put more weight on stuff recognizably Howardian though and still let in some of the more recent stuff:)