Monday, June 14, 2010

Al Williamson passed away...

...he was one of the greats among comic artists. I first read it over at Atomic Pulp.

It's hard to think of Flash Gordon, and not think of Al Williamson's artwork! I loved Alex Raymond's art as well, he was the original artist/creator of the series. But Al Williamson illustrated the comics that I grew up with, especially those Flash Gordon trade paperback series comics. I used to order those from those Troll Books catalogs that I used to get in grade school. I would spend hours trying to draw Flash fighting Ming using the Al's artwork to study from.

Equally as memorable was his work in Creepy, one of my favorite horror comics. As well has the Star Wars dailies that Dark Horse has reprinted.

Al Williamson has influenced me as kid, and I'll always cherish his artistic imagination.

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Brunomac said...

Yeah, pretty iconic space opera stuff he did.