Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Favorite Orcs Part 2

Frank Frazetta is the epitome of Swords & Sorcery art! Some of my favorite orcs were drawn by him (although they aren't really orcs, but it's how I prefer to imagine orcs).

Here's Conan obviously fighting an orc horde!

Conan fighting more orcs!

And you can't forget the subhumans from Fire and Ice! They have an orcy look to them!

These images are burned into my mind when I think of orcs in my rpg world. Sort of aboriginal/neanderthal/mongol barbarians with greyish green skin....I'll have to sketch some up sometime.


Eli Arndt said...

I recall the classing orcs and goblins of Ral Partha's line had an image slightly like these, at least in equipment and weapons. Many of the goblins had the spiked and/or horned helmets and there were many curved blades.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I tend to see orcs are more ape-like than pig-like, and Tom Meier's early Ral Partha figures set the standard for me.
The very first orc figure I ever painted, I painted blue, because my two main reference points were Bakshi's LOTR and the Yellow Submarine...I thought of orcs and blue meanies being the same thing.

Copyboy said...

Frank Frazetta is a genius. Read another blog post devoted to him recently. Nice blog BTW.

Atom Kid said...

Thanks Copy Boy!