Saturday, April 10, 2010

Mil Mascaras

I love luchadores! For some reason the Mexican pro wrestling is more appealing to me than WWE. I had the chance to go to The Incredibly Strange Wrestling about 10 years ago. But it wasn't authentic Mexican wrestling. One of these days I'll go see a real Lucha match.

Oddly enough, a couple of weeks ago my wife was talking to her father about some trips he had taken to Mexico as a kid. My wife's grandmother was originally from Mexico, and she has lots of family still there so they would go to visit quite often. Apparently she used to send my father in law to stay with a friend of hers. Who was that friend you ask? None other than Mil Mascaras! Man of a Million Masks!

How cool is that! I don't know many details but that's cool enough for me!

Just watch him in action!


Reis O'Brien said...

The mighty Mil!

You know, I've yet to buy a Mil Mascaras mask. Better get on that. ;)

Bubbashelby said...

That is so cool!

prof. grewbeard said...

that IS awesome!

Baker said...

Johnny Powers' IWA!

Talk about a blast from the past.