Tuesday, March 23, 2010

"Why I Dont Care" an editorial by Chad Thorson

The views of this post are not necessarily the view of this blog, in other words the views are entirely my own.

The latest battles in the whole OSR movement about "When is too much too much" have left me complacent. Some say the more the merrier and some say we are diluting what's already out there by filling the net and game stores with house rules variants and what not.

I just have to say that, I don't care. If somebody wants to create their version of OD&D, let them run it up a flag pole and see if people salute. If you like the rules you already play, keep playing. It's a simple solution.

I have preferences that I like S&W, Labyrinth Lord, Rules Cyclopedia, B/X, Holmes, Red Box, yadda yadda... It doesn't matter what you prefer because in the end we are all still playing the same game.

Right now, I'm more interested in Tunnels & Trolls but I'm sure I'll be playing something else later on. That's the beauty of variety!

Be excellent to each other, and play on dudes!


A Paladin In Citadel said...

Particularly the "be excellent to one another".

I'm as guilty of failing to do that as anyone else out there.

Eli Arndt said...

OSR is turning into an alagory of Christian denominational strife, except that in this case it's not what version of God you are worshipping but what version of D&D you are playing.

They are all preaching the same word, "roll dice with friends and have a good time adventuring", but people are getting caught up in the trappings of the game and politicizing the hobby.

There are also shades of the whole indy versus mainstream strife that plagues music and other media. A game that is successful or that taps into existing market strength is seen as a sell out.

I'm with you here Chad. Enough is enough.


Atom Kid said...

I'm guilty of it as well. And I'm starting to think that organizing as a cohesive group is probably a bad idea. Organizing should be for politics not for fun.

The Lord of Excess said...

BRAVO! I fully agree with this. Who cares what version of D&D or RPG people are playing. If they are doing face to face tabletop gaming of any kind ... BRAVO! T&T is the shiznit, as is LL! I really agree with what Eli Arndt said. The version wars are a denominational preference. Instead of arguing about the Eucharist or whether some guy found golden plates in the woods ... there is much ranting and hand wringing about "classic" D&D vs. "non-classic" ... whatever those terms really mean. Personally I try to focus on getting non-gamers to try out any kind of tabletop game ... be it a board game, a mini game or an RPG. If said person sticks around and joins the gaming group ... eventually they wind up playing RPGs with us. That is what its all about to me. Love whatever version or brand you love but keep the faith ... and to me the faith is good old fashioned FACE TO FACE tabletop gaming!!

Eli Arndt said...

When people ask me what sort of gaming I do, I jokingly tell them I'm an "analog gamer".


Atom Kid said...

Since we've had the Old School Renaissance, do we need to have an Old School Reformation?

Eli Arndt said...

Yes, just as long as we don't end up with the Old School Jihad with people net-bombing blogs hoping to end up in gamer heaven with Gary Gygax and 1d00 virgins.


Atom Kid said...

1d00 virgins tend to be 30+ dude gamers.

Eli Arndt said...