Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Back to the Future!

It seems that the time stream has been radically altered. Two alternate realities have met and the world hasn't been destroyed. Time travel has happened and a few temporal marauders have drastically altered history as we know it!

And it's all good!

I'm not talking about Delorean's with flux capacitors or a TARDIS transversing time and space, or even H.G. Wells' steampunk style time machine. I'm talking about the Retro Clone Movement or the OSR!

Dungeons & Dragons has been taken in a direction that it didn't take back in 1979 or so.

We've got Swords & Wizardry that hasn't departed from the original 1974 rules but has given it's own twist within those very rules (like the ascending/descending combat system).

There's Labyrinth Lord which gives us the Moldvay/Cook rules as they were in the original printing, and in an advanced and original 1974 style of play as well. Plus Mutant Future which takes Gamma World using OE rules.

OSRIC has given us a vision of the First Edition rules in one very playable and well edited volume.

Worlds collide in The Basic Fantasy Roleplaying Game, OE meets 3.0 to create a chimera game that is very fun to play!

X-Plorers has brought the OSR to outer space!

We have Three Headed Dragons and Brave Halflings leading the charge!

And not to mention a horde of bloggers who are too numerous to name but you all know who you are.

People said it couldn't be done. People said this was just a pathetic nostalgia trip. You've proved them wrong, won awards and have caused the corporate giants to finally look your way. Maybe we'll hear the term "old school" used as a marketing word.

I just wanted to say thanks! Thanks for transgressing the laws of time!

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