Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"Ice Tower of the Salka" is out!

Shameless plug of gaming material with my illustrations in it!

Ice Tower of the Salka

Sixty years ago, a mysterious flood of glacial ice utterly buried the tower stronghold of the Salka, a powerful and evil sorceress known throughout the land. Now, fissuring of the deep ice has revealed the rooftop of this lost tower. The secrets and treasurers of the Salka lie within, awaiting a band of powerful adventurers to explore the depths of her ice-entombed stronghold.

Written by James C. Boney, this Swords & Wizardry adventure is for PC levels 8-12 and is 20 pages long.

The print version is saddle stitched and sells for $11.00 US. The e-book version sells for $5.00 US.

Both versions are available now through the Black Blade Publishing online store:

Black Blade Publishing


Akrasia said...

Great cover! Yet another thing to buy soon...

Atom Kid said...

Thanks, Akrasia!

Yeah I know! I'm getting behind on all the new releases. I still need Dungeon Alphabet, Mythmere's Adventure Design Deskbook, Spire of Iron and Crystal, Labyrinth Lord (with the awesome Steve Zieser artwork!) not to mention Knockspell 2-4.

The Old School Renaissance is well on it's way!