Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Just my rendition of a Jeff Dee illustration from page B11 of the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Rule Book.

Rat Touched!

The Cult of the Rat envy the features of their rodent brethren, and through alchemy and dark magicks they've learned to alter their physiognomy. The cultists refer to this as being Rat Touched. Slowly their front teeth start to turn into the visage of the Ouroborats gnawing teeth, chipping away at the vermin covered sphere of the world. Some start to grow tails and tiny hairs all over their bodies.

The most horrendous of all is the Aspect of Bubo. Hulking ten foot tall, half goblin half rat beast forever roaming the mazes of the underdrek looking to glut itself on man-flesh! Sometimes goblin flesh too, although they consider it a great honor to be chosen by the Aspect of Bubo and to feed the holy World Rat.