Saturday, October 10, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 11!

The Gargoyles

This is a great movie, the special effects were decent for the time (especially for a made for TV movie) and the movie has a creepy atmospheric feel! It's definitely a product of the seventies, but then again so am I!

An anthropologist, who has an interest in the occult, and his daughter are travelling in the southwest. They accidentally stumble upon a town that is being terrorized by the gargoyles.

I like keeping things vague because I hate spoilers, but you have to take my word for it. This is a good movie! I really like the religious aspect to it, but I think they could've developed it a bit more.

Here's a link to the movie!

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 10!

Fall Of The House Of Usher

During the late 50's-60's, Roger Corman made some Edgar Allen Poe films. They weren't always true to the books but they were still wildly entertaining. I remember when I first saw Fall Of The House Of Usher, on Uncle Don's Terror Theater! It definitely left an impression on me as a middle-school age kid! I think it's one of Vincent Price's greatest roles!


Incidentally, did you know that Edgar Allen Poe never received a proper funeral? Well, he's having one tomorrow! Read about it here!