Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Thor's Day

Marvel's Mighty Thor!

Jack Kirby's Thor!

John Buscema's Thor!

Walt Simonson's Thor! (I always felt that he should have a beard)

Bookmark Character Sheets

I bought my copy of Holmes D&D a few years ago, and inside were these two pads of paper with character sheets on them. They're only about the size of bookmarks. I thought this was a great idea!

Does anybody know if this is an official TSR product or an innovation by a creative DM?

Holmes Edition and Various House Rules

I bought the Holmes edition of D&D some years ago, and I've got to say that I'm really impressed with it! It was only supposed to be an introduction to gear up towards AD&D but I've often wondered what would've happened if Holmes had edited some supplemental material for it.

Well, it seems a few Holmes fans have done just that!

First there's Meepo's Holmes Companion. It's only four pages long, but it takes your characters up to level 9!

Then there's Holmes Blue Book Companion by R.C. "Thorkhammer" Pinnell. It's about 12 pages and takes characters to level 14 and also adds the character classes of Barbarian, Ranger, and Paladin.

Finally there's Steven J. Ege's The Gray Book, which is about 146 pages. Leaning heavily towards what AD&D became.

These are all pretty valuable tools, if you're looking at using Holmes as your ruleset.

Thanks to Greyharp for posting this on the OD&D 74 forum!