Friday, April 24, 2009

Halloween Costume circa 1977

I came across an old picture of my brother and I. I'm the one in the home-made Luke Skywalker costume. I think this establishes me as an original Star Wars geek! (LOL)

Filmation Sci-Fi Boxset

I can't believe I found this for $9.98! I've seen the individual series box sets, but until yesterday I didn't know they collected all of them!

These programs bring back a lot of memories, especially Jason Of Star Command!

If you don't know anything about these shows, here's a very short synopsis.

Jason of Star Command is a sort of Buck Rogers style adventure show. He lives in a secret section of The Space Academy, and is constantly called on to defend the galaxy from Drago (played by Sid Haig from House of 1,000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects) who is always attacking the Academy. James Doohan (Scotty from Star Trek) is also on this show!

Space Academy is a school for kids in space. It takes place in the same universe as Jason Of Star Command. The kids have a lot of adventures while they learn about life and the universe. Jonathan Harris (Dr. Smith from Lost in Space) plays the main instructor, I find this a little creepy.

Ark II was really interesting. After Earth is devastated by environmental abuse, scientists send a team of highly trained young people to travel and make contact with people living on the scorched earth. They help humanity to thrive and prosper as the earth is starting to heal. It's probably one of the first environmental shows.

All in all these are really fun to watch! If you don't mind the cheesy 70's special effects, you're in for a treat!