Friday, April 10, 2009

Swords & Wizardry with my 4 1/2 year old (take 2)

Okay, so we played a short, very rules light game. Fred the Barbarian and his henchman "Pac-Man", went into a small orc infested dungeon. They were able to kill 3 orcs pretty easily, but ran into some trouble with the orc chieftain. During the melee, Pac-Man was knocked unconscious but Fred was able to overcome his foe.

Altogether they amassed about 350 GP and a magic Ring of Fire Resistance. Not a bad game for a first try, and Lars really seemed to get into. In fact he wanted to keep playing but his sister, Jette woke up and wanted to eat. Maybe we'll forage into the dungeon again soon!

Swords & Wizardry with my 4 1/2 year old (take 1)

I was planning on running a short first game with my son Lars today. We were driving home from the zoo, and my daughter was asleep, so I was talking to Lars about the game.

I asked him what he wanted to be, and explained all the character classes to him. At first he said he wanted to be a wizard, but then thought about it a moment and said "But aren't wizards not very strong?" (It's really fun listening to him reason this out)

I told him that they weren't but if he used a wizard for a while he could learn powerful magic spells.

He didn't seem interested in any of the races other than human, although when I brought up Hobbits (Halflings) Lars said, "Aren't Hobbits really cute?"

I said, "Sure."

So he opted for a fighter/barbarian named "Fred".

After we came up with his character idea he decided he was too tired to play. So we'll give it another shot later.