Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Boot Hill western RPG

As a kid, I grew up watching westerns. From The Lone Ranger, John Wayne movies to Spaghetti Westerns. Westerns have never failed to grasp my imagination! Heck, I used to live in Lois L'amour's home town, Jamestown, ND (it's not much to write home about).

TSR used to print a ruleset for old west style role playing. It was called Boot Hill! I've always wated to role play out a western setting, and maybe use an idea or two from the many movies I've seen and books that I have read. I've owned a copy of the B.H. ruleset to years, but have yet to play it, mostly due to lack of interest with my gaming buddies. One of these days I'll rope some gamers into playing it.

I wonder if Boot Hill falls under TSR/WoC open gaming license?