Monday, December 7, 2009

An X-Phile's favorite Episodes - Ice

I consider myself an X-Phile! And I recently started re-watching season one, so I decided to post my favorite episodes and thoughts on each one. I won't be giving away spoilers for the episodes, just incase you haven't basked in the majesty that is The X Files!

Episode 8 - Ice

This is probably my all time favorite as well as favorite of season 1! And with the upcoming snowstorm I thought this would be an appropriate episode to start out with. This one always reminded me of John Carpenter's " The Thing", not only because it takes place in the arctic but also because of the feelings of isolation, desperation and paranoia that the episode exudes. All in all this is the creepiest episode ever, and in my mind it's the quintessential X Files episode!

Mulder and Scully are sent to the Arctic, along with Dr. Hodge (Xander Berkley), Dr. Da Silva (Felicity Huffman) and the pilate Bear (Jeff Koban), to investigate a scientific installation that has lost contact with their sponsors. The last transmission by the researchers was, at best, disturbing. They arrive finding a grisly sight of the murdered research group. What caused the crew to go insane, was it cabin fever or something else?

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