Saturday, November 7, 2009

That Rat Bastard Necromancer

Sorry for the re-post, I had this in my MRRPG blog but wanted to bounce ideas off of people on this blog as well.

This is a sandbox campaign that has been ruminating in my mind for quite some time. I've decided I'll be running it next week, hopefully some people will show up. I've decided to use Tunnels & Trolls, mainly because of the humorous nature of the world, and T&T is great for that!

Here's what I have so far...

Imadjupoor is a port city full of all sorts of culture and character....although most of it is bad character! Think of Chicago in the 1920's only as a fantasy setting. Illegal substances, prostitution, gambling, murder, political corruption, evil name it. The inspiration for the setting comes from hardboiled fiction of the 30's and 40's, film noir, exploitation films, gangster and horror movies. And with just enough Terry Pratchett inspired humor to get through the dark bits!

Ju Ju Jones is the main crime boss of Imadjupoor. He owns much of the city, including the mayor. So he's pretty much untouchable. Oh, and by the way, he's a necromancer. He's got plenty of undead doing his dirty business.

Cederic - "I saw Bill's got a job finally, he's working for Ju Ju now."
Fred - "What do you mean, Bill has been dead for 3 months.
Cederic- "I did mention he's working for Ju Ju."
Fred- "Right, I forgot. Well I suppose that if Bill didn't do any work in life, he might as well do it afterwards."

Gangsters rule the streets of Imadjupoor, and most of the gangs are split along ethnic lines. There's Ju Ju's undead, the Drek Elves, Gutter Dwarves (thanks Dr. Gremlin), Goblin followers of the Cult of the Rat (murderous followers of the cult are known as "Terrorats"), plus an overzealous Wizards union that uses strong arm tactics that would make Jimmy Hoffa cringe.

The underground sewer system (The Underdrek) will be a source for delving, it's filled with cutthroats, the dreaded Drek Elves, wandering monsters, and unspeakable horrors created by discarded magicks.

On the outskirts of town live a community of Hillbilly Hobbits (Hobbillies), in their mobile home park (basically dilapidated wagons on cinderblocks). They are the source for illegal hoosegow that the local speakeasies in Imadjapoor carry. The local crime bosses are none too pleased with this because it undercuts their profits, so that throws another conflict into the mix. (Thanks to Toad-Killer-Dog for that one)!

As far as PC's go, I think I'll have 6 types... roll 1D6

1. Imadjupooran local - You know who not to cross and you know how things work in this town, but know very little outside of Imadjapoor.

2. Outsider- You're new to town and ignorant of the way things work here. Watch your step! Although you do have a lot of outside knowledge that will help.

3. Criminal - You're wired into the underground of the city, and you make things work behind the scenes. You could be an enforcer, street criminal, hooch runner...etc.

4. Gumshoe/Vigilante - You're also wired into the criminal community but you're also not very well liked. You have your ear to every door and every informant knows how to contact you.

5. Seadog - You're a salty sailor of the salty sea, but not necessarily the salt of the earth! After months on the open sea you need to raise some hell. What better town to do that in than Imadjupoor?!!!

6. Highwayman - You make an honest dishonest living robbing people to and from Imadjupoor! And then head into town to spend your hardly hard earned money on the finer things in life!

I'll keep posting as more ideas come to light!

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