Sunday, November 1, 2009

Conan: Red Nails?

Alright! Red Nails has been in production since 2007 and the website hasn't been updated since. But according to IMDB it's still in production. I really hope they get this one right! It would be great to see an animated movie create an accurate portrayal of Conan rather than the movie that's being cast right now.

I think Ron Perlman as Conan is just a perfect fit! Not to mention Clancy Brown (Olmec) and Mark Hamill (Tolkemec)! And the fact that they are using the classic Robert E. Howard story as the script rather than rewriting the Conan story.

From what I've read this will more than likely be a straight to DVD release, but that doesn't mean it'll be bad.

Crossing Fingers.......

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