Thursday, October 1, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 1!

To celebrate I'm going to publish images and video of some of my favorite horror flicks!
Curse Of The Werewolf

One of my favorite Hammer Horror films, and starring Oliver Reed!

A child (Leon)created out of rape, by a madman, is forever cursed by the full moon. His adopted father does his best to cure him of the affliction of lycanthropy. Leon thinks he's rid of the curse forever, until he leaves his father's country side estate for the city. Then the killing starts and won't end until somebody has to put a silver bullet into this tortured soul!

Check it out if you haven't seen this movie. It's a classic!


Anonymous said...

Excellent, thanks for including the whole movie! You gave me something to do this weekend - I love Oliver Reed.

Atom Kid said...

He is pretty awesome, isn't he?!

Thanks for reading!