Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 13!

Dawn Of The Dead

Speaking of the original, of course! I love the re-make but not as much as the 1978 version!

It's got everything you need in a zombie movie.

SWAT Team!




Shopping Mall!


Biker Gang!


Zombie Pie Fight!

Krishna Zombie!




Josh said...

Again, another Romero movie that the remake is as good as the original. There were more liberties with the new version but I found it a nice take on the story. Also a hundred times better than Land of the Dead

MrJeffery said...

So good!

ze bulette said...

I liked both of these (actually, the last movie I saw at a theater was the 2004 remake!), but I liked the ending of the first one better.

Atom Kid said...

The remake was still good, and I liked that they basically made it their own movie. So maybe I shouldn't refer to it as a remake.

I didn't care for Land of the Dead as much, it had some okay parts. But I didn't like the message at the end. It was pretty lame!

Brian Murphy said...

Classic film. It's not only great horror, but I daresay it transcends the genre and has a lot to say about the human condition.

Plus it has pie fights, biker gangs, and a fat dude who tries desperately to use a blood pressure machine as the walking dead consume him.