Saturday, October 31, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy Halloween!


Sorry for not posting for the last week or so. I've been having computer trouble.

The reason for picking Halloween as my last movie, well because I love it! You know how some people watch "It's A Wonderful Life" every year for Christmas? Well that's how I view Halloween! The original version, although I did like Rob Zombie's remake (except for the rape scene in the un-cut version).

The first one was the best followed by Halloween 4 in a close second. I felt Haddonfield looked more like it was in Illinois than in the original. It was way too sunny in Haddonfield on October. And except for a few leaves carefully spread out on the sidewalks, there was no physical sign of autumn.

Watch tonight if you get the chance, it'll put you in the holiday spirit!


Friday, October 23, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 23!


Never mind the fact that it doesn't really follow the book. It's a low budget flick, but it has decent special effects, and it captures the basic mood of Lovecraft's writings, and presents the Deep Ones in a terrifying light!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 22!


Another George Romero film! This one is different than any other vampire films you've seen. Martin is more of a psychopath who drinks blood. There's nothing remotely supernatural about it but it's a very horrifying film!
This movie pushed the envelope for horror movies back in 1977!



Wednesday, October 21, 2009

countdown To Halloween: Happy October 21!

The Howling

Ultimately the best werewolf movie ever! Great story, great special effects, decent acting and tons of werewolves! I remember watching this on WGN in the mid-eighties, and it has been a favorite of mine since. I actually ran a game of Chill (it's a horror role playing game) based on the movie. I think I was 13 or so. I remember it being fun at the time but I'm sure I'd cringe if I went back and read through my notes.

I won't give you any spoilers, incase you haven't seen it. Just check it out!!!


Tunnels & Trolls

I remember the first time I had heard about Ken St. Andre's T&T, it was around 1987. The game was already over ten years old and I had never even seen a copy of it on the shelf. I've been reading over the rulebook and I realize that I've really been missing out on something special.

The main thing that I love about this game is that it's the only old-school game that is still in print by the original publisher! From what I've read about it there is very little that has changed over the years, rules wise. The mechanics are very different from D&D so it's taking me a while to get over the way they do things in the game, but I really like the differences.

Here's a passage from T&T 7.5 that shows how they've stayed on the old-school track.

"There is a lot more that could be said about Trollworld, roleplaying, and Tunnels and Trolls. If you have a question about how things work, make up your own house rules to cover it when you are the G.M. Remember, the Game Master controls the game, he/she is not controlled by it. It's your world, your adventure. Go forth! Do great things! Have fun!

That pretty much sums it up for me!

Another thing that I've always heard around gamer sites is "Does T&T have legs?" "You can't really run a campaign with it." "It's just a joke game." Hogwash! This game has eight legs! It's every bit as challenging and intriguing as D&D and Rune Quest. And although it is a more light hearted game, that's good! It breaks up the downers that some of the other games can become.

There's quite a large community that has grown up around T&T, here's a list of websites.

Flying Buffalo - The original owners of T&T.

Fiery Dragon - Current publishers of T&T 7.5.

Free Dungeons - A great fan site with lot's of downloads and links.

Trollhalla -Ken St. Andre's pay site.

Gristlegrim -A website for the biggest dungeon in Trollworld.

Outlaw Press -Who publish some out of print T&T books as well as newer stuff.

The Hobgoblin's Tavern - Andy Holmes, who has written an published many T&T adventures, has his own site with free downloads.

There are many more, it's a pretty big community!

I'm planning on running a game soon for our Madison Traditional Gaming group, it's going to be fun! If you haven't checked it out already I strongly urge you to look at the websites and pick up a copy of T&T 7.5. You won't be disappointed!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 20!

It's Alive!

I remember being a little freaked out by the trailer when I was a kid! I didn't get the chance to see the movie until I was a teenager, but that's probably a good thing. I mean what could be more scary than an evil baby with three claws, fangs, and an evil cry?

Two parents are expecting a baby, and on that happy day their child slaughters all of the doctors and nurses who deliver him. Being good parents, they try to protect him (and nobody suspects the baby anyways), but they are unable to keep the child from killing more people....


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Madison Games Day 2 review

I did a short review of Madison Games Day on my rpg blog, here!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 17!

The Vampire Lovers

Starring Peter Cushing and Ingrid Pitt. This movie is loosely based on Sheridan Lefanu's gothic novel "Carmilla". Carmilla Carnstein is a female vampire who seduces a woman and draws her to the darkside. The movie is a pretty good vampire story, although some what sleazy in an exploitation kind of way. Kind of a typical Hammer movie from the 1970's.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 16!

Salem's Lot

Probably one of the best made for television movies! I remember watching this as a kid (at least a part of it, until my parents saw what I was watching) when it first aired. The scene where the kid comes out of the coffin to feed on the grave digger really freaked me out!

I love that they based Mr. Barlow off of F.W. Murnau's "Nosferatu". Probably one of the coolest looking vampires ever!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Madison Traditional Gaming Logo

This is a logo I finished inking for a group that I'm involved in. Madison Traditional Gaming, which promotes early editions of Role-playing and War Games (like Dungeons & Dragons, Traveller, Chill, Boothill, Tunnels & Trolls...etc.). This isn't a finished piece yet, I sent it to Victor Raymond for preview, and also for some photoshop tweeks.

I'm also working on a logo for TARGA and will post soon.

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 15!

The Last Man On Earth

Based on Richard Mattheson's book "I Am Legend", this is definitely better than the Will Smith crapola that came out a few years ago!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 14!

Hell Night

Some college kids hold a Halloween party inside an old mansion. Four sorority pledges have to spend the night in the mansion, while the fraternity brothers set up traps and things to scare them. Little did they know, the house is still inhabited...

The movie stars Linda Blair and Vincent Van Patton (from Rock and Roll Highschool) is another take on the teen slasher movie. But this one is a little bit more inventive!



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 13!

Dawn Of The Dead

Speaking of the original, of course! I love the re-make but not as much as the 1978 version!

It's got everything you need in a zombie movie.

SWAT Team!




Shopping Mall!


Biker Gang!


Zombie Pie Fight!

Krishna Zombie!



Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy October 12!

Black Sabbath

Mario Bava's anthology horror masterpiece, starring Boris Karloff! This is also where the band Black Sabbath got their name. There's three different stories, The Telephone, The Drop Of Water, and my favorite The Wurdulak (to me this is one of the best vampire stories ever).

Check these out!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 11!

The Gargoyles

This is a great movie, the special effects were decent for the time (especially for a made for TV movie) and the movie has a creepy atmospheric feel! It's definitely a product of the seventies, but then again so am I!

An anthropologist, who has an interest in the occult, and his daughter are travelling in the southwest. They accidentally stumble upon a town that is being terrorized by the gargoyles.

I like keeping things vague because I hate spoilers, but you have to take my word for it. This is a good movie! I really like the religious aspect to it, but I think they could've developed it a bit more.

Here's a link to the movie!

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 10!

Fall Of The House Of Usher

During the late 50's-60's, Roger Corman made some Edgar Allen Poe films. They weren't always true to the books but they were still wildly entertaining. I remember when I first saw Fall Of The House Of Usher, on Uncle Don's Terror Theater! It definitely left an impression on me as a middle-school age kid! I think it's one of Vincent Price's greatest roles!


Incidentally, did you know that Edgar Allen Poe never received a proper funeral? Well, he's having one tomorrow! Read about it here!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 9!

White Zombie

Zombies and Bela Lugosi! How can you go wrong with that combination?

And check out this sweet White Zombie Tee by Fright Rags!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

I'm getting a mention in Wargames Illustrated magazine!

Howard Whitehouse is currently writing an article for Wargames Illustrated magazine about miniature conversions. They liked my Orc, so it will be one of the minis featured! Just wanted to crow for a minute!

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 8!

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo

I first saw this on The Phantom of 13, which was a horror show on WREX-13 out of Rockford, IL. It was on Friday nights back in the mid-eighties. Man I miss those late night horror shows! Anyways, this movie star Shelley Winters and boy does she scare the hell out of me in this movie. The opening scene where she seems to be singing to her daughter, but a close up shot reveals she's a mummified corpse! Boogah, boogah! This one's low on the violence and gore, but is definitely good for the creepy situations!

This one is set during Christmas, so if you're getting tired of Christmas carols and holiday cheer, pop this movie into your DVD player!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Just a drawing I did a while ago.

A little black humor by Dave Allen

One of my favorite British comedians!

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 7!

A Touch Of Satan

Okay, this movie is a complete piece of crap! It has no redeemable value and is completely unwatchable...... unless you give it the MST3K treatment!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 6!

Food Of The Gods

Based on H.G. Wells classic story about man messing with what's natural, and nature striking back! This may not impress a lot of people, but as a kid this movie really scared the bejeezus out of me! I never looked at rats the same way again.



Monday, October 5, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 5!


A newcomer to a prestigious ballet school finds out that the school is run by a coven of witches. One of my favorite Daria Artgento films! It's pretty gory at the end, but there's a bit of a build up to it, so there's an element of suspense to it. If you like european exploitation movies, you'll like this one!

Trailer here!

Watch the movie here!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Tales From The Darkside - Trick Or Treat

They really don't make horror anthology series like they used to! Enjoy this Tales From the Darkside Halloween episode!

One of my prints was featured in Save Gocco blog!

In a non-halloween post, one of my prints was featured in the Save Gocco Blog!

Check it out here!

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 4!

Alien Factor

I was ten years old when I first saw this movie on a late night horror show, and I've been hooked ever since! In fact I based my 7th grade art project on Nemoid (the creature at the end of the movie).

This is Don Dohler's first movie and in my opinion, his best! He was best known for monster films with some great creature designs. For a low budget indie movie, this is definitely a high quality alien invasion movie! It's got a decent but simple story but it never gets old. A spaceship crashlands on earth, it was carrying dangerous alien specimens on board and they escape and wreak havoc on a small town. Before the alien pilot dies, he sends a distress signal to his home, and another alien lands on earth diguised as a human scientist. Can he help kill these creatures off before they kill everyone in town........

There was a documentary made about Don Dohler called Blood, Boobs & Beast!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Misfits - Night Of The Living Dead

Piggy backing on the Night of the Living Dead post!

Ray Bradbury Saturday! The Halloween Tree

This is a great book to start with, introducing a child to Ray Bradbury! Harry Potter's got nothing on this book!

Here's the animated movie.

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 3!

Night Of The Living Dead

The movie that started the zombie craze, and probably the best movie in the zombie genre! Man I love black and white film, it really adds to the terror!

"They're coming to get you Babara!"

Friday, October 2, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 2!

The Wicker Man

A very haunting and disturbing movie! Starring greats like Christopher Lee, Edward Woodward (remember the show The Equalizer? Man that was a great show!), Ingrid Pitt and Britt Ekland. The first time I saw this movie, I felt that part of me had died forever....okay it wasn't that terrifying but it will have you holding on to your seat.

I still haven't seen the re-make, and I doubt I ever will.

Here's the trailer.

Here's a link to the full movie on You Tube, unfortunately the person who posted it removed the embed code. It's in ten parts, and there some nudity. But if you're not too squeamish it's well worth a watch. Wait till it's dark!!!

And, just because I couldn't's Iron Maiden's "The Wicker Man"

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Countdown To Halloween: Happy October 1!

To celebrate I'm going to publish images and video of some of my favorite horror flicks!
Curse Of The Werewolf

One of my favorite Hammer Horror films, and starring Oliver Reed!

A child (Leon)created out of rape, by a madman, is forever cursed by the full moon. His adopted father does his best to cure him of the affliction of lycanthropy. Leon thinks he's rid of the curse forever, until he leaves his father's country side estate for the city. Then the killing starts and won't end until somebody has to put a silver bullet into this tortured soul!

Check it out if you haven't seen this movie. It's a classic!