Monday, September 28, 2009

What is this book cover trying to say?

I'm currently readingSTAR KING by Jack Vance. It's a good book so far, but I find the cover a bit odd.

To me, this is what the illustration is saying.

A hung-over astronaut dad finds out his kid has been out all night with the car. So after a night of drinking and watching bad b-movies he wakes up out of his Lazy Boy recliner and chases after his son with a sword. Completely forgetting to put on his space suit.

Does anyone else have any theories?


Gilligan said...

To me this illustration is saying: It was a huge mistake opting for the fat alien in a diaper instead of the sexy "Demon Princess".

Then again, that's just me thinkin' out loud.

E.G.Palmer said...

Do not screw with shirtless spaceman. He will cut you!

Atom Kid said...

Maybe that's Elvis the Star King!

Brian Murphy said...

"Yo, Moon Man, come get some."