Monday, September 21, 2009

Super Hero RPG's

When I got into rpg's, superheroes were every bit as important to me as were fantasy characters! I've played quite a few systems.

DC Heroes by Mayfair had a really good system. I mainly stuck to playing the DC characters, but they did have rules for creating your own hero.

Marvel Superheroes was another one that I had, and played quite a bit. Now this one had a better character generation system so I did make a few characters. One in particular that I remember creating was Captain Blitz, a West German superhero (yes I created him during the mid-eighties). I still have the game but the box is no longer around.

Another one that I have some great memories of was Champions. I loved the idea of getting a certain number of points to build a hero. And you could take weaknesses to get additional points.

Heroes Unlimited was one that I played a couple of times. I like the Palladium system! There, I admit it, it's just fun and every game is completely compatible!

Then there was Villains & Vigilantes, which I never played. I'm increasingly intrigued by this game, and one of these days I'll buy it from Ebay or something. I always liked the artwork, and the modules were very original!

All of these games remind me of how much gaming I'm not doing right now!


G. Benedicto said...

The nice thing about V&V is that it's still available directly from Fantasy Games Unlimited for cheap.

Atom Kid said...

Thanks, G. Benedicto. I saw that, but am hoping to find a boxed copy. It's great that FGU is still up and running, although it would be cool to see Chivalry & Sorcery reprinted.

I've also been eyeing Space Opera. Most of the reviews say it was terrible, but I'm still intrigued.

E.G.Palmer said...

I also used to play V&V. I've probably gotta wait for my nephew to grow up some more before I'll have any one to play that with again.
Lots of fun to be had there.