Sunday, September 27, 2009

I won a contest!

I won the in the illustrating category in Doc Atomic's Attic of Astounding Artifacts "Amuse the Doc Contest"!

The idea was to create a piece of art or writing that depicts an item that Doc Atom has blogged about. Incase you haven't checked out this amazing blog, check it out here.

Here's the illustration I came up with.

I'd like to thank Brian "Doc Atomic" Stillman for choosing my illustration! And a congratulations to Norbert Landsteiner for winning the written category. There were some great entries by some talented people and this was a fun contest to participate in!


Bubbashelby said...

That is very awesome - and you were up against some great competition ;)

Excellent job - you deserve the win!

Atom Kid said...

Thanks Bubbashelby! Your two entries were awesome!
I just got lucky.

Space Oddities said...