Monday, August 24, 2009

Lost Toys of My Childhood

Christmas of 1978, I asked Santa for something special. I told him I wanted Raideen from Shogun Warriors! He acted like he didn't know what that was, I thought Santa knew everything. Just incase, I told my parents what I wanted too. Suffice it to say, I was a very happy boy on Christmas.

Check out this TV commercial!

This was a Mattel toy production of a Japanese giant robot series. The American version of the cartoon was called Force Five which I didn't discover until I was in college. None of the characters were in any way linked in the original programs, but the American version tried to link them together.

Raideen was always my favorite. I loved the whole bird of prey look he had.

Next I got Godzilla

Unfortunately I no longer have Godzilla or Raideen, but I do still have...


...and Mazinger

A few of the Shogun Warriors have eluded my grasp, but I feel they should be mentioned!



Danguard Ace


If you want more information on Shogun Warriors, check out this excellent page here!

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