Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Lost Toys of My Childhood

One Christmas, in 1983, I opened a box that would forever shape my life!

Okay, not really but I definitely had a blast with Crossbows & Catapults! How could you not? Vikings and Barbarians battle it out, smashing walls and knocking over towers, to take possession of the loot inside enemy territory. This game was a good catalyst for introducing kids to wargaming, although I was also playing Cry Havoc around the same time. I spent hours and hours with my brothers, setting up the walls and defenses that couldn't be smashed. We had a second set to we would combine them together to make some impenetrable walls. It got a little out of hand!

Later, I used some Christmas money to by some of the add on games like:

The Dragon and The Trojan Horse and Battle Shield. They also had a Cyclops, Minotaur, and a battering ram but I never bought these for some reason.

There's a newer version on the market now, I'm thinking about picking it up but unfortunately it doesn't have the same feel. Instead of Vikings and Barbarians it's Orcs and Knights. But it's essentially the same game.


yoyorobbo said...

Although it's always tough to compete with yesteryear's toys and especially yesteryear's memories, I'd most certainly vote for picking up a copy of the version, if you see it around. I got mine for $10 new, on clearance at Toys-R-Us a while back.

I just wish I would have grabbed the expansion packs (more towers, canons, etc) when I had the chance.

I posted some fun me and my son had with the new set here, here, and here...if you're interested.

Great game, great fun!

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Atom Kid said...

Thanks, Yoyorobbo! I remember reading your posts. That game was so much fun! I think I'll pick up a copy sometime, maybe I'll get lucky and find one on sale!