Sunday, August 2, 2009

Billy Lee Riley R.I.P.

Rockabilly Raconteur Billy Lee Riley passed away today. He cut a lot of music in the late fifties on the Sun Label. Songs like "Red Hot", "Flying Saucer Rock 'n Roll", "Rockin' On The Moon", "High Heel Sneakers" and more. I always thought he had a great raw sound to his music, and although I never got the chance to see him live, I bet he put on a great show! Here's to you Billy Lee!

Read more about him here.


liz dexic - dotted with hearts said...


Atom Kid said...

Yeah, it's sad. I hope his musical legacy gets a bigger boost, because he definitely didn't get the recognition he deserves.

Farrell said...

the picture is charlie gracie, man!! Thanks for post