Thursday, July 16, 2009

Wargaming in Conan's Hyborean Age (Getting started pt. 3)

A couple of miniatures company that really stand out for me, is Crusader Miniatures and West Wind Productions. Crusader's Dark Ages line will fit in perfect for my Conan Campaign.

Dark Ages Irish will fit the bill for my Cimmerians:

Here's some Westwind Picts that I'll be using for Cimmerians as well:

Here's some of Crusader's El Cid line which will fit in nicely for the Zingarans:

Crusader also has a great line of Saxons (Aesir), Vikings (Vanir) Normans (Nemedians?), and Byzantines (Koth?). Either way, whether you are a fan of historicals or fantasy miniatures these are both great companies to consider.

Plus I decided on using Song of Blades and Heroes for my rules set. Ganesha Games' fantasy rules are a great, slimmed down fantasy skirmish game, and it would be perfect. I've already read the rules and am preparing to create my own Hyborian rules for the system. Maybe when I'm finished, I'll post it on the blog or even create a PDF.