Monday, July 27, 2009

Lulu: Boon To The Old-School Renaissance Or Detriment?

This Saturday, I received a notice in my mail that I owed my mail carrier $5.45 for shipping on an item. I've been expecting The Swords & Wizardry Monster Book in the mail, but I had already paid for the shipping. I went down to the Post Office and they told me that the book was shipped to my old address, so I would have to pay for the shipping again. I tried really hard to contain my rage, and politely paid again to receive my rightful property.

When I originally ordered this item from Lulu, I'd thought I had changed my shipping address. It turns out I just changed the billing address. I noticed on the invoice that my old address was listed as the shipping. I changed it in the system but the invoice remained the same. So I sent an e-mail to Lulu and waited for 2 days with no reply other than the robot e-mail of complaint received. I sent another email, and the next day I received notice that the item had shipped. Well that's no good! So I sent a second e-mail, they got back to me and said they can't change the shipping address, even right after the order was placed.

This has greatly increased my disillusionment with this company! On one hand they do a good job with the product, and right now it's the only ship afloat for the old-school gaming community. On the other hand they have horrible customer service and charge exorbitant shipping fees. I'm grateful for being able to buy these great OE gaming products, but I'll be happy when the old-school can start publishing their own stuff, and leave Lulu behind.

End of rant.


JimLotFP said...

>>I'll be happy when the old-school can start publishing their own stuff, and leave Lulu behind.

Some of us already have. :)

Atom Kid said...

Sorry, Jim! You've been leading the charge on this, and I really respect you for it!