Monday, April 6, 2009

AMC Pacer

This is a response post inspired by Trapped In The 80's Moms blog.
When I was a kid, my parents bought a Pacer in the early 80's. Even before we owned one, I always thought they were the coolest car! My brothers and I used to pretend it was a space ship, and would climb in an out of it via the hatchback (cockpit).

It was a dependable car, and had a wide wheel base for safety. But because of all the glass, they tended to be heavy and would guzzle up a lot of gas for a smaller car.

This picture looks a lot like the Pacer we had. One of these days I'm going to buy and restore a Pacer!

If your interested in Pacers, check out this awesome website!


Spike Page said...

I never knew anybody who actually owned one, but my Mom drove a Ford Bobcat, which earned similar scorn from folks who did not think it was a very "cool" car. was a vast improvement over the huge white Plymouth wagon she traded for it..and it had a working FM radio! wOOt!

Atom Kid said...

Ford Bobcat was kind of a cool looking car. Actually it was almost a copy of the Pinto, minus the exploding gas tank. It was almost a sports car.

Josh said...

I had an AMC Concorde for a long while and loved it. I cried when I totaled the thing. I'd love to have another and a Gremlin!

Atom Kid said...

Josh, I know what you mean! There's just something about AMC cars. Maybe I'm just biased because they were made in WI, but I really like their quirky designs.
I'd become an AMC collector if I had the money.

Eli Arndt said...

Monster Maker was so cool!!!


P.S. Road from Seattle to Colorado in the hatch of a Pacer when I was 10.