Thursday, April 23, 2009

10 Favorite Film Characters

After reading Retrospace'sFilm Character picks, I thought I'd do my own.
So in no particular order, I give you my picks.
(I'm not ripping off the first one, honest it was the first character that came to mind!)

1. Riff Randell from Rock 'n Roll Highschool. It's one of my favorite movies, with my all time favorite band The Ramones. And don't forget P.J. Soles! GIGGITY!

2. William Miller from Almost Famous. Yeah, I know it's based on Cameron Crowes life but I still can't help but think that he's the luckiest boy in history!

3. George Taylor from Planet of the Apes. Chuck Heston really plays up the scientific curmudgeon really well. He's one of my all time favorite sci-fi characters. I love the line when he's talking about finding intelligent life in another world, "There has to be something better than man out there. There's just has to be!"

4. R.J. MacReady from The Thing. Kurt Russell was great in this! Tough as nails as usual, I think that's the only character type that he plays.

5. Holly Golightly from Breakfast At Tiffany's. As far as I'm concerned, Audrey Hepburn was the most beautiful actresses of all time! Holly Golightly was a great character. She seemed to have it all figured out, and had everyone wrapped around her finger. But inside she was a mixed up, vulnerable person.

6. Henri Cherrie're from Papillon. Steve McQueen is so cool in this film! It's based on a true story about a man falsely accused of murder and sentenced to live in a French penal colony. He makes several attempts at escaping but is recaptured.

7. Jim Stark from Rebel Without a Cause. When you think of James Dean, you think of this movie. It's the be all and end all to juvenile delinquent movies!

8. The Man With No Name, aka Blondie, aka. Manco from Fistful Of Dollars, A Few Dollars More, The Good The Bad And The Ugly. He's gotta be the coolest cat in the west! Nobody could out think him or out shoot him. Definitely my favorite western series!

9. Shaft from The Shaft series. Just because he's the baddest mutha'!!!

10. Dracula from the original Bela Lugosi version. This performance is what all other vampire movies are measured by!

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Gilligan said...

Some great choices here. Shaft is one I wish I'd put on my list.

Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks?
You're damn right...