Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Alien Factor

Don Dohler is known for great B-Horror movies. Almost all of them have an alien menace that lands on Earth and terrorizes a small community (usually located in Pennsylvania). My favorite of all time was his first movie, The Alien Factor!

I saw this on TBS back in 1984 (I was in 5th grade), I was so inspired by this movie that I based my 7th grade art project around it. I eventually bought it on DVD and have watched it over and over again! Now I love monsters, and for a low budget movie this one had 'em in spades! The monster design was awesome, and considering it was 1978 I would say it was somewhat ahead of it's time.

The acting wasn't great, but it had a decent story and I still give it two thumbs up!

I actually went to his website and found that Don Dohler had passed away in 2006. I expressed my love for his movies and my sorrow at his passing on his website. His son was kind enough to write me back, and let me know that he would've been flattered at doing an art project based on his creatures.

Mr. Dohler has left us with some decent b-movies such as Fiend, Nightbeast, Blood Massacre, Harvesters, Alien Factor 2, Stakes, Crawler, Vampire Sisters, and Dead Hunt. There was a documentary made about him too called Blood, Boobs, and Beast! Check 'em out if you get the chance!

Without giving too much of the plot away, here's a scene from The Alien Factor!

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