Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Tales From The Darkside

I remember, when I was in middle school I would look forward to staying up past 11:00 every sunday, to watch this show!

I consider it the 80's generation's Twilight Zone. Every episode had the feel of EC Comics "Tales From the Crypt" or "Vault of Horror" comics. And having George Romero (of Night of the Living Dead fame) as producer and sometimes writer helped a lot too!

From the spine tingling music, celebrity guest stars, to the creepy stories, this show gave me a new nightmare once a week. It holds up pretty well with age, some of the effects are a little cheesey, but I've seen worse done with computer graphics.

My favorite was "A Case of the Stubborns", a family is dealing with their grandfather who is dead, but refuses to behave like he is dead. He walks around the house like everything is normal, except for the fact that he's a rotting corpse. It takes his grandson playing a trick on him, to get him to realize he's dead.

If you like one shot horror anthology shows, this one is really good! Check it out on DVD!

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