Saturday, February 28, 2009

I'm a Hanna-Barberian!

All right, this may not come as a big shock. But I'm a big fan of cartoons, especially Hanna-Barbera!

Whether it's Johnny Quest, Space Ghost, Yogi Bear, Laugh Olympics, Huckleberry Hound, Magilla Gorilla.....etc. My favorites were usually the adventure shows. There were a couple that would make an awesome pulp fiction campaign (or even Gamma World or Mutant Future campaign). Thundar the Barbarian and Galtar and the Golden Lance!

Thundar (1980) took place on Earth right after a comet passes too close to the planet. The moon is split in half and the Earth's ozone layer is destroyed. This causes mutants and magic to emerge, and the scene is set for high adventure! Thundar, along with Ookla the Mok (a mutant) and Princess Ariel (a sorceress) adventure throughout the dying Earth.

I used to look forward to this cartoon every Saturday morning! It still holds up today!

Galtar and the Golden Lance (1985) had a similar feel, in fact the mutant horses were of the same design, so I always imagined that they took place in the same fictional universe. This was more of a revenge story, Galtar is hunting and evil sorcerer named Tormack who was responsible for his parents deaths. He is joined by Princess Goleeta and her brother Zorn, and together they rid the planet of evil.

I'm not being overly nostalgic about these shows. After all it's only nostalgia if you're revisiting things you loved as a kid, I'm not revisiting anything, this is a daily walk through my life.
I think both series have a kind of Jack Vance/Lin Carter/Andre Norton kind of feel, and I think that both settings are great for any fantasy RPG!

Although it could also be the Coco Puffs talking!


Brian Murphy said...

Does Thundarr still hold up? I used to love that cartoon but I haven't watched it since its initial Saturday morning run in the 80's.

Atom Kid said...

I think it does. I've been watching it on Youtube (since I got rid of cable) and I still like it. It's definitely geared towards 8-12 year olds, but I think the setting is pretty grown up . It doesn't have any of the cheese of He-Man or Blackstar (even at the age of 10 I thought those shows were terrible). I think of it as pulp sci-fi/fantasy. With a few minor tweaks, it would make a pretty decent series today.

Keith said...

I loved Thundarr when I was growing up. I still watch it to this day. I love it. It's still a really cool show.

Atom Kid said...

Keith, it only gets better with age!

Eli Arndt said...

AAAaaaeeee!! Ookla, Aerial, we ride!!

Lords of light, that series was/is great.


Jay said...

I'm sooooo late to this party, but YES, they still hold up. Though Galtar was always a little schmaltzier. Still, they're great fun and I'm dying to see them both released on DVD.

I have the Thundarr figures that Toynami released a few years ago--and they're awesome!