Monday, February 9, 2009

Greatest Fantasy Album Covers: Molly Hatchet

Okay, I'm starting a new series, one of many. And I'm focusing on fantasy themed album covers. And for the first I'm going with Molly Hatchet!

Most of their covers were Frank Frazetta, one of the most recognized fantasy artists, and also my favorite!

Frazetta being my favorite artist this was a hard choice, but I went with 1979's Fliting With Disaster. I've always been a bit of a Norse fanatic. I've always loved vikings and norse mythology (plus I share a name with my favorite viking god), so this was bound to be my first pick. I think this was originally used for one of Karl Edward Wagner's Kane novels.

The album/song title is probably the most well known Molly Hatchet song. They were part of the later southern rock movement, similar to .38 Special and The Outlaws. Just all around good rock'n roll, and a great addition to anyone's record collection!


Sham aka Dave said...

Great album and a great cover. My wife talked me into going to see .38 Special open for Charlie Daniels up at Pier Six in Baltimore last Summer.

I honestly never realized that I'd enjoy both bands so much. I was shocked how many .38 Special songs I knew. Those guys had a dozen major hits I'd guess.

Good stuff.

Atom Kid said...

I was the same way with Boston! After I started really listening to them, I realized I already knew quite a few of their songs.