Thursday, February 12, 2009

Greatest Fantasy Album Covers: Dust

Dust: Hard Attack (1972)

Okay, it's an unknown band, and a mediocre record but not terrible. But the drummer Marc Bell, went on to become better known as Marky Ramone! And really, do you think I would pass up on another Frank Frazetta painting?! This one was used for a Conan novel as well!


Sham aka Dave said...

Yep, I think it might have been painted for The Frost Giant's Daughter REH story when Del Ray published it. Excellent paitning, like almost all of Frazetta's.

I never knew it graced an album cover, and never heard of Dust! Marky added a new dimension to The Ramones sound, but Tommy, the only living original Ramone, was something special.

Atom Kid said...

I bought this one when I worked at a Half Price Books, mainly because I like the cover.
It's worth a listen, but it's not memorable. When I read about it online, it gets lumped into the heavy metal genre, but it reminds me more of 60' pop/psych.

Isn't weird to think there's only one original Ramone still around?