Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Greatest Fantasy Album Covers: Dio

I would've posted this earlier, but I've been fighting off the flu or something. Now I can finally look at the computer without getting nauseous or dizzy. Enough about me though, I bring you my Fantasy Album Cover pick....

DIO - Sacred Heart

Ronny James Dio has been the epitome of "Dungeons & Dragons" rock! From his stint in a band called Elf (I think the title was a reference to his height), to his long run in Black Sabbath, and his solo career in Dio! Heck, he was the one that came up with the "devil's horns" symbol that's associated with rock'n roll. Although he refers to it as the malocchio, and says his grandmother used to make this sign as a superstition, to ward off the evil eye.

All of Dio's album covers have a fantasy theme, but this one is my favorite!

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