Monday, January 5, 2009

Spaghetti Western Space Opera

I've had an idea in my head for years, and I'm trying to flesh it out now. It's a comic book idea for a character that I'm calling The Revenant. It's going to be a cross between The Lone Ranger, the movie Hang "em High, and Space Ghost!
I've got a rough sketch of the character, and a short story synapsis.

I'll not reveal too much because I have some other projects I'm working on as well, but I'm pretty excited about it!

The roleplaying game that I've been doing some artwork is finally out! Although only in PDF form. It's called the Swords & Wizardry Whitebox set. Here's a link to the website.

I've also been helping a friend with a children's book idea about a grandfather who used to be a Luchadore! Here's a sketch idea I drew up!

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