Saturday, August 30, 2008

Real Rock 'n Roll

I might be getting older, but I've gotta say the state of rock 'n roll is looking pretty grim. Cookie cutter emo, pop tarts, and wuss rock galore is what gets radio play. With the exclusion of the underground scene and classic rock 'n roll, I'd rather not listen to music.
I love rockabilly! Now if only I were a teenager back in the late 50's.
Here's a rockin' cat that was too cool without the pretensions of trying to act cool. Mr. Bluesuede shoes himself, Carl Perkins!

If it weren't for a near fatal car accident, and a lengthy stay in the hospital he might've been what Elvis became. Although he wasn't the pretty boy Elvis was (no disrespect to the King), and his songs were maybe too country fried for the tastes of city kids. He's still aces to me!