Thursday, October 2, 2008

Horror Movies - The Good, The Cheesey, and the Gory!

It's October again, time for scary movies! Actually it doesn't need to be October for me to get in the mood for horror movies.

I remember when I was in middle school my brothers and I used to stay up on Saturday nights to watch Uncle Don's Terror Theater, it was on the Fox station in Rockford, IL. He was my favorite horror hosts, he looked liked an average guy in a bow-tie and a stuffed shark side kick. His humor kept me in stitches while watching cheesy horror movies.
I also watched a show called the Phantom of 13, he was funny too but I liked Uncle Don more. Me and a friend of mine pitched an idea to the UPN station here about doing a horror show of our own, they were interested but didn't go with it. I wish there were more of these shows on TV, mostly it's done online though.
And lastly, who could forget Elvira Mistress of the Dark. Most kids I knew weren't allowed to watch it, but it was a good show. I recently bought a few DVDs of hers and they're really funny.
Does anyone else have any horror show memories?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Small Faces

I love The Small Faces! I filled up my 6 CD disk changer up with their CDs. This mod quartet didn't get much play in the U.S. but were pretty big in Europe.
Their songs were very catchy, and they rocked hard. I love the organ in their music, it reminds me of Booker T and the MGs! If I ever played in a band again I think I would do a Small Faces tribute band.
Steve Marriot (singer and guitar player) went on to start Humble Pie and Ronnie Lang (Bass Player, and back up vox) went on to start Slim Chance. Unfortunately they are no longer with us. Steve Marriott died in a House Fire and Ronnie Lang succumbed to complications of Multiple Sclerosis.
Their music still lives on, and these videos really capture their energy on stage!