Friday, August 29, 2008

Lost Cartoons of Yesteryear #2

Heathcliff! Based on the comic strip by George Gallagher. I used to love the comic strip, and when the cartoon came out, I was instantly hooked. Heathcliff was like a naughtier Garfield, with more energy. I used to try to get home from school in time to watch it, I believe it aired on WGN. The animation was great, I believe it was done by Japanese animators. And I think it was the same people who worked on Inspector Gadget.


Rosebud Collection said...

Let me tell you..I remember this cartoon and my kids watching it..I would sit down with them and watch too..Was fun to see the video..Thanks..and thanks for visiting my blog..

SecretMe said...

Heathcliff rocked, and top cat was kinda cool too

Atom Kid said...

Top Cat was awesome!

I think I was in 4th or 5th grade when it came out.