Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lost Cartoons of Yesteryear #1

I figured since I like cartoons so much I'd start to blog about them.

For the first one I picked Flash Gordon. I loved this one as a kid! The animation was great, although Filmation did use a lot of rotoscoping. Rotoscoping is where the animators trace over a live-action film, to give the animation a more realistic look. It's been used for year, and being an aficionado I've grown to recognize it right away.
Still, the series followed the original Alex Raymond comic strip series rather than veering off into a different interpretation.
The series came out in 1979 during the Star Wars craze, and why not, Star Wars was originally inspired by Flash Gordon!

My brother and I both had action figures base on the cartoon. Ryan my brother had Flash and I chose Lion Man, he was always my favorite.
The series is currently on DVD and is well worth it, it definitely stands the test of time. I've currently got my son Lars hooked on it!


Debra said...

I don't remember that one....but I miss the smurfs..LOL

kim* said...

i havent seen that one either.

Cover That Mother said...

Flash Gordon looked awesome. But, I was too much into the "girl" 'toons in the 80s (was Flash made in the 80s? The animation style looks it.).
Shows like Jem.

I wish there was a tv channel that showed all the 60s - early 90s cartoons. Cartoon Network just doesn't do it for me

Atom Kid said...

Flash started in '79, and went for two seasons. It really holds up well today.

Eli Arndt said...

Flash Gordon was a great Cartoon. I would say that the cartoon holds up as one of the best media productions of Flash Gordon since the original serials.

Tony over at Dampf's Modelling Page ( has been giving Flash an awesome treatment in 28mm miniatures.