Thursday, August 28, 2008

I sold my baby!

I sold my Geo Metro last Friday. Man that was a hard thing to do, I've owned it since I was 19. I bought it in 1993 and have been the original owner since. So getting rid of my first car wasn't easy. It's been a great car, it got 45 miles to the gallon on the highway. Being only a two seater means I can't take the kids in it though, so it's not really practical anymore.
I've had a lot of great memories of driving around in this car and will miss it.
Here's to you old blue!


Victoria said...

I sympathize! I bought an old chevy van when I was 17 and drove her until my early 30's! Her name was Mabel and I still miss her, (even though she didn't get anywhere near the great gas milage of your baby!)

Atom Kid said...

Yeah, it's weird getting so attached to an inanimate object. But cars have personality, and you spend so much time in them.