Friday, May 9, 2008

You can pick your blogs and you can pick your nose...

Yakkity Schmakkity Blah Blah Blah.....

With that being said I'm really going to try not to not neglect my blog. The one post was getting so lonely, especially not having been read. But for my enjoyment I present to me another brilliant piece of blogging by me!

Do you have any really funny stories from work?

Well I have a doozy!

I work at a used bookstore, we buy and sell books. Well there was this stoner guy that came in with some books to sell, I was going through his stuff and it was pretty much stuff we've seen before. Except there was a book on marijuana. You know stuff on how to grow it, and how the government are a bunch of meanies because it's illegal, how it's non-addictive and it builds strong bodies in 12 different ways, yadda yadda. Well when I made my offer to him, he accepted it and then his bloodshot eyes spotted the marijuana book and they got wide. He yelled "Dude, when did this come in? Can I buy it?!!!"
I replied "Sure, but you know you just sold it to us." I ended up changing his offer and he happily got his cash and left the store with his book that he almost bought twice.

On the art front, I haven't really been doing much lately. I've been pretty lazy (and no I don't smoke weed), but I've got tons of ideas and will hopefully post some stuff soon. If you happen to stumble onto this pathetic blog and want to see some new stuff feel free to covo me on Maybe I'll get off my lazy butt and do some new stuff!

Your Pal,


P.S.: Incidentally I remembered about my blog because I did a google search on myself and found it, I just wanted to see what I was up to. It turns out, not much!

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